Cape Sounio


Being just 68 km. from Athens is an ideal destination for a day trip, as it combines the visit to a beautiful archaeological site with captivating views of the clear Aegean Sea.

The coastal route to Sounion is one of the most beautiful routes that a visitor could make within the basin as it crosses and enjoys all the beaches "embracing" Attica. Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Agia Marina, Lagonisi, Anavissos, Saronida, Legrena, are some of the landscapes that relax the eye from the bustling everyday life. You can make short stops at any of the beaches. The best idea to get rest!

Arriving at Cape Sounion you will see the majestic Temple of Poseidon. Explore the site and seize the opportunity to listen to Greek mythology and heroic deeds that have been linked to the historicity of the region.

See the beautiful side of this city that is well hidden in retreats off Athens and waiting for you to discover it! Complete your trip with a meal in the taverns of the region that are renowned for their exquisite seafood appetizers that make the Navigator yearn of the thoughts of traveling to Sounio.