Delphi, Arachova, Osios Loukas


Departure at 08.00 in the morning, for Delphi and Ossios Loukas. Two places with the most important highlights of the Ancient Greek Period. 

We will move from Thebes and Livadia, where we make a detour to visit Ossios Loukas. The famous religious, Byzantine monument with the cluster of churches and dependencies, with the catacombs, the relics of Saints and the sacristy, will host us for a while and to drink a coffee. We will pass by the famous Castalia spring, and then we will visit the archeological site of Delphi, with sensational views, which the ancient Greeks called the "Navel" of the Earth.
Our tour at the Temple of Apollo, the sanctuary from where the Pythia gave the oracles, the treasures of the cities, the stage, will revive in front of us the glamour of the world-famous ancient Oracle. At the Museum, among other things, we will see some of the most famous discoveries such as the bronze statue of the Charioteer, the Sphinx of Naxos and the statue of Antinoos.

Lunch at Delphi and Arachova, the scenic mountain town built on the slopes of Parnassus, awaits us for coffee, lunch and stroll through the streets. It is known for its handmade woollen carpets, for wine and cheese. It's a cosmopolitan winter resort nowadays. We'll be back in Athens early in the evening.